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SSG Contracts Ltd. have developed a specific In-situ enzyme remediation technology - Enzymix.

What We Do

In-situ Enzymatic Remediation

In-situ Enzymatic remediation has been successfully used in Europe and North America by for 10+ years. Our product is a protein generated from specially selected organic, ecological, and biological material. The Enzymes are not produced by microbial fermentation.

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Substantially Faster

The time required to treat subsurface pollution using Enzymix Technology is substantially faster than pump-and-treat or microorganism processes and generally costs less than other remedial options.

Other remediation i.e. bacteria-based products use living organisms where there is a necessary constant reproduction process of bacteria. To keep up the production of bacteria in soil requires not only special bacterial nutrient supplements but also constant pH monitoring.


Split Raw Oil

Enzymix Technology has the ability to split raw oil and other oil derivatives such as: Phenols, kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, crude oil, motor oil, benzenes and other petroleum-based products (PAH’s)

Application of the Enzymes can be applied by injecting or mixing into the soil or in the case of water, the use of Enzymes for remediation solutions is simply applied
by in-situ processes directly into the contaminated aquifer.

Enzymix Technology has been proven to be effective in the degradation of transformer oil (PCB), chlorinated hydrocarbons including DDT and chlorinated solvents including TCE, PCE and vinyl chloride.

Our US Sites were found to meet the most stringent residential criteria within as little as 30 days (26-day cycle) following injections at less than 1/3 the cost of alternate techniques.

The process

The process is as follows:

1. Initial Site Visit

2. Develop a Remediation Strategy (derived from Phase 2 GI report)

3. Design and Build

4. Drilling and tank installation, inc plant and labour

5. Remediation / maintenance of site

6. Produce a verification report

7. Demobilisation

8. Sampling, Chemical Analysis and Monitoring

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